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There are many elements that factor into salon services pricing. Here are the main ones.

Level of experience. Experienced Hairstylists, Permanent Makeup Artists, and Estheticians charge more than those with fewer years of experience.

Talent level. Highly skilled individuals charge more for their abilities and level they have achieved.

Salon type. High-end salons with quality, comfortable furnishings and the latest equipment are more costly to equip and maintain.

Location. Salons in a convenient location in a nice area pay higher rent and tend to charge higher prices.

Quality of products. Organic, natural, or non-toxic ingredients increase prices. Highly rated, high quality products also cost more to use.

Amount of time. Higher end salons look to create an experience, while others may be more interested in getting quick turnovers.

Existing hair color. Those with darker hair who want to go blonde won’t be able to get a single-process color (the least expensive hair coloring treatment). They will need bleach, then color, toner, or highlights. The more products and steps in the process, the greater the total cost.

Hair texture. Curly hair and thick hair will take longer to treat, so salons will charge a higher price for these hair textures.

Length of hair. Salons charge more for long hair because it takes longer to cut, color, style, or blow dry than short hair.

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All hairstylists at Salon Dushons are Level 4 stylists with a minimum of 5 years experience.  Our Esthetician is an Advanced Esthetician. Our Permanent Makeup Artist is Master Level, and is the creator of the Q-Lips™ technique.

Our goal is to offer you outstanding service, at reasonable prices, in a beautiful and relaxing environment. We try to go that extra mile. For example, our haircuts include a consultation to determine what works best for you, followed by a wash, premium shampoo and conditioner, precision haircut, blow dry, and style. We want you to look your best!

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