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Hair Treatments

K2.0 Treatment

K2.0 is the second-generation biomimetic treatment that restores the most damaged areas of the hair with material identical to the hair structure. It provides targeted care to effectively repair the most damaged areas of the hair's surface (61% reduction in superficial damage). Results are spectacular: shiny and resilient hair.

After a technical service, K2.0 recovers the natural keratin of the hair and restores strength, softness, elasticity, and shine to the hair fiber. This treatment is a 2 step in-salon service that visibly restores hair after just 1 application.

Kerestore 2.0 is a peptide unlike any other because it mimics and replicates the amino acid sequences found in the natural composition of hair keratin. It proves to be most effective on damaged hair, intelligently restoring the hair fiber. K2.0 locates and acts on the areas of the hair most in need.

Benefits of K2.0 Treatment

  • Replicates the amino acid sequences that exist in the keratin of the hair.

  • Protects, strengthens, and increases resistance to breakages.

  • Strengthens and hydrates to virgin hair levels.

  • Moisturizes, repairs, & protects all hair types.

  • Nourishes and provides emollient properties that prevent dehydration.

  • Repairs the internal structure of the hair. Rebuilds damaged bonds.

  • Prolongs the results of the treatment carried out in the salon.

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CBD 3-in-1 Molecular Mender

Intense professional reparative and preventative service to instantly recharge dry or damaged hair.

Benefits of CBD Molecular Mender

  • Instantly reconstructs damaged hair

  • Infuses anti-humectant properties

  • Eliminates frizz

  • Seals split ends

  • Prevents future damage

The treatment can be preformed in 20 minutes or less and results last up to 10 washes.

Olaplex Treatment

Olaplex salon treatment is a multi-step hair treatment system that can repair damaged hair and protect it from chemical damage. It uses a patented ingredient that helps mend the broken bonds in the hair. It can be used with color, lightener, or other chemical services, or as a stand-alone treatment. Olaplex is a bond multiplier that limits damage to hair before or after a coloring service, and can make the hair stronger, healthier, and shinier.

Heart of Glass Intense Treatment for Blonds

This intense treatment is designed specifically to reinforce and highlight the beauty of blondes. Thanks to the Biacidic Bond Complex and the Baobab Extract it strengthens your hair fibers, helping to prevent breakage, which leaves you with nourished, instantly brightened blonde hair. 

Benefits of Heart of Glass Treatment

  • Help to prevent hair fiber breakage.

  • Resistance to hair breakage increases up to 40% if the Intense treatment is left to act for 5 minutes.

  • Resistance increases up to +57% if the Intense treatment is left to act for up to 10 minutes.

  • The hair is elastic, nourished and tamed.

Hair Masks

Hair masks are treatments that are formulated with oils, butters, and other nourishing ingredients. Also known as an intensive hair conditioner, a hair mask works to boost the condition and health of your hair. Masks are different from typical conditioners in that ingredients are usually more concentrated, and the mask is left on the hair much longer.

Benefits of Hair Masks

  • softer, shinier hair

  • healthier scalp

  • increased moisture

  • reduced hair breakage

  • less frizz

  • stronger hair

Packed with hydrating and restorative ingredients, a deeply nourishing hair mask can make a big difference in the shine and strength of your hair. They can also make your hair smell really good too.

Agave Smoothing Treatment

Have you ever wished that your hair was more manageable? Softer? Smoother? Had more shine? Less Frizz? Agave Smoothing Treatment may be the answer.

Benefits of Agave Smoothing Treatment

  • Silkier and shinier

  • Smoother and softer

  • Faster and easier to blow-dry

  • Reduces daily styling time

  • Close to being ‘maintenance-free’

Agave’s progressive system strengthens the cuticle with Agave extracts leaving the hair more hydrated, more manageable, and frizz free.

Agave Smoothing Treatment is gentle enough to use on all hair types...coarse or fine, loose or tight curls, and all kinds of chemically treated hair.


Hair smoothing
Hair keratin smoothing dark hair
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