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Hair Cutting, Hair Coloring and Styling

Free Consultation

Let's have a chat about your hair...your vision...your inspiration. We'll talk about the smartest ways to get your hair healthy, happy, and beautiful, and find the right style for your hair texture, face shape, and more. Additionally, we'll let you know exactly how much your services will cost before we begin. All prices depend on hair length, condition, density, amount of time, and product needed. Call today to schedule. You'll be glad you did!

Designer Cuts and Styling

Short/long, curly/straight, smooth or textured, man, woman, or child, we can cut and style them all. Our experienced professional stylists will create a look that fits your features, complexion, and personality, enhancing and highlighting your best qualities. Our service comes with a personal consultation, premium shampoo and conditioner, blow dry, and style. Come in today and discover your signature style.

Blow & Go Blowouts

After a wash with a premium shampoo, it's the art of drying your hair with a round brush into the desired style. With a blowout, you can create curly hair, straight hair, or subtle waves without any curling or flat iron involved, which significantly decreases the risk of heat damage. No matter which style you go for, you’ll achieve a smooth, beautiful look and feel amazing! Perfect for the woman on the go. If you love blowouts as much as we do, ask us about our flexible blowout packages. For example, buy 10 blowouts and get 2 free, or buy 20 blowouts and get 5 free. Packages are good for one year from date of purchase.

Hair Color Services

If you've been wanting the shine and luster of hair colors you see on TV and in movies, professional-grade hair color is what you need. The depth of the color makes a significant impact on your hair, and you can't get that done at home. Here at Salon Dushons we use only the highest quality, vegan professional colors. Our team of experienced color artists are ready to give you the look you want. In order to achieve a healthy, beautiful, lasting look. We recommend booking a 15 minute complimentary consultation ahead of scheduling any new or big-change color appointment - color correction, highlights, balayage, etc. This way we can personalize your look and provide an estimate of cost. Our goal is for each guest to receive a carefully crafted color service which looks great, fits your budget, and respects the health of your hair.


Corrections - Sometimes your hair color is just not working. Maybe you resorted to a box dye while the salons were closed. Or maybe that bold red has grown out to a faded orange. We can help with color correction. Let's meet for a consultation, so we can get a sense of the condition of your hair, and develop a plan for getting your hair back to a color you're happy with. The color correction process may take one or more appointments to get to your desired color, but it will be time well spent.

Bleach & Tone - Lifting all hair with lightener, then manipulating that color with a customized toner. Depending on the amount of hair and lifting needed, this service can be time consuming, occasionally needing multiple visits, so a consultation is recommended.

Highlights - Foiling the hair to isolate certain areas and add dimension from base to ends

  • Full Foil (top bottom and in between)

  • Half Foil (top and middle)

  • Mini Lights (<10 foils)

Balayage - Hand painted highlights with strategic placement add dimension for a bold or soft look, and an easier grow out. This growing trend may cost more initially, but requires less frequent touch ups. Most likely every 3-5 months based on your personalized design. Base prices are for lightener only to add lightness either through all of the hair, or to brighten up around the face. If your finished look requires a root smudge, base color, grey coverage and/or toner, the pricing will increase as well as the time needed to complete these services. A 15 min consultation is recommended for first time or big-change balayage appointments. Please contact us directly for pricing information or to schedule your consultation.


Highlights or Balayage? - While balayage won’t keep the grays from rearing their ugly heads, it will buy a little extra time because the color variations are more gradual. Balayage has the look of time out in the sun. The highlights aren’t as chunky as the dye is painted on to create a graduated, more natural-looking effect. It brightens and creates an illusion of body because color tends to be lighter around your face. Unlike the “ombre” look where hair goes from a lighter shade to a darker shade, this tends to look lighter on the bottom and darker on the top. It also involves less maintenance than highlights.

Trend Color - Trend color, aka, fashion/funky colors range from dip dyed tips of the hair to signature pieces, rainbow, unicorn, waterfall, to fire and beyond. Maybe you want panels of color, or for your whole hair to be a kaleidoscope of awesomeness. We have stylists who excel at all of these options and more. We want nothing more than to deliver you the hair of your dreams.


Consultations are highly recommended for any new color designs. We want the opportunity to talk with you and share the process, pricing, and what it takes to maintain healthy hair. Many fashion color services require lightening the hair first, then applying direct dyes or toner.


At-home maintenance is key to keeping your color looking fab. Washing less often, using cold water, using sulfate-free products and possibly using a color shampoo all aid in the longevity of your color.

Hair Treatments

Our hair treatments are the perfect way to help restore your hair’s natural beauty and shine. Salon Dushons has hair treatments that range from quick and easy – which perfectly compliment any haircut or new style – to full restoration and straightening treatments that will have you leaving the salon looking and feeling your best. No matter your hair type: straight, curly, dreaded, or frizzy – we have the perfect treatment for you.

Texturing Services

Perms - can give you different variations of curls, depending on the size rollers used and the solutions used in your hair. From tight, kinky curls to light, romantic waves, the options are all up to you. You won’t be limited to just curly styles, and your hair will appear thicker, fuller, and full of body if you decide to blow-dry it straight. 

Hair Relaxer - For natural curls, the professional hair relaxer treatment makes hair less tangled and also easier to straighten with our chemical relaxer treatment. Our natural relaxer is great for anyone that wants their curls relaxed and frizz removed.

Hair Smoothing/Straightening - a process used to straighten and smooth hair. Pro Addiction actually repairs hair, seals in the shine, and protects against harmful UV rays. It will also improve the hair’s feel, softness, and shine while making it more manageable, silky smooth, and frizz-free.

Special Event/Bridal Services/Makeup

We love to make the 'Big Day' personalized for each and every person who is part of your special day. Whatever the theme or vision we will work with you and your entourage to help make your event a success. Our professional Stylists can create any hairstyle you wish and give advice on using hair accessories to temporarily thicken or lengthen your hair for your big day. Our makeup artist can complete your look and have you at your best for that special occasion.


We require a practice session or a sit-down consultation within four weeks of your event. We encourage pictures, drawings, and any ideas you may have to get the best finished look on your special day. 

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