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Hair Care Tips

Follow these tips to keep your hair healthy and manageable and your color vibrant between visits to the salon

Tips After Getting a Haircut

Tip 1

Don't reset your hair with your fingers

Once your haircut is done, resist the urge to adjust or restyle it with your fingers. The blowdryer and brush have already set your hair. If you find it too unmanageable, use a wide tooth comb to adjust it.

Tip 2

Always use a conditioner

After a cut, your hair may tend to twist, frizz, and fall out of shape. Make sure you condition after the first few washes to set it and keep it manageable. Then use a deep conditioner like Teknia Deep Care Conditioner (paraben-free & vegan) once a week. You can also apply oil and a hair mask to leave on overnight and wash in the morning.

Tip 3

Use a Hair Serum

A good hair serum from a quality company like Privé not only sets your hair, it gives it a soft, silky finish. Apply Privé Vanishing Oil after a wash to keep your hair hydrated and manageable.

Tip 4

Don't tie or braid your hair

After a haircut, braiding your hair or tying it into a bun will spoil your style and bring on unwanted crimps or waves.

Tip 5

Go easy on the shampoo

We know the bottle says lather, rinse, repeat, but there is absolutely no need for you to over wash your hair. Your hair is most vulnerable after a wash, and care and caution should be taken so that you don't damage it.

Tip 6

Use your dryer responsibly

Blow drying can damage hair. If you're going to use one, make sure you're doing it the right way. Minimize the amount of heat you apply to your hair by towel drying or air drying your hair to remove as much moisture as possible. Keep the dryer at least 6-10 inches from the hair, and.dry your hair from front to back for the best effect.

Tip 7

Protect your hair from heat

Before blow drying, straightening, using curling irons or any kind of hot tool, remember to apply a heat protecting hair serum like Privé Prep & Protect. It protects your hair from getting damaged due to heat.

Tip 8

Don’t brush your hair while it's still wet

Tugging on wet hair with a brush increases your chances of damaging it. Your hair is more prone to breakage while its wet, so try to be as gentle as possible. Try using a wide tooth comb instead.

Tip 9

Use products that help prevent split ends

Once you get rid of split ends you want to use products like Privé Prep & Protect spray. Powered by green tea leaf and jojoba proteins, Prep & Protect nourishes, repairs, and smooths to help maintain healthy hair and aids in preventing split ends in the future. Even after using this type of product split ends can occur at some point, so the only way to rid yourself of split ends is to cut your hair.

Tips Before Getting Hair Colored

Tip 1

One week before

When washing your hair, ensure you use a detoxing shampoo like Privé Amp Up Shampoo that will help remove other products that may have accumulated in your strands.

Tip 2

Condition your hair

Condition your hair with hot oil treatment three days before coloring. It will enable your hair to take in the new color smoothly.

Tip 3

Two days before

Use a clarifying shampoo like Teknia Perfect Cleanse two days before your color treatment. This will strip your hair of any buildup that could block your color from penetrating the cuticle at a deeper level. Colors need an even surface to stick to in order to take proper effect.

Tip 4

The day before

Don’t wash your hair the day before coloring. This could result in removing essential oils that will aid in the coloring process. Avoid heat as much as possible.

Tip 5

Choose the color carefully

Be sure you pick the right dye color. Later on, you may want to blame the stylist, or question the application process, yet it was you who chose the wrong color. 


If the shade you have in mind seems a bit complicated, it’s best that you consult with your stylist before you begin the process.

Tip 6

Things to avoid

  • Using shampoos with sulfate

  • Applying chemicals

  • Scratching your scalp

  • Stressing your hair by using rubber bands or other products

Tips After Getting Hair Colored

Tip 1

Wait a full 72 hours before shampooing

After coloring hair, your cuticle layer is opened, making it easy for color to penetrate the hair shaft. When you wash your hair too soon after your service, the cuticle layer could still be open, which then leads to your color being washed down the drain. It takes up to three days for the cuticle layer to fully close, so the longer you wait to shampoo your hair after you color your hair, the more time the color pigment will have to soak into the hair cuticle, which helps your color last longer in between visits.

Tip 2

Use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner

By using sulfates, you run the risk of stripping your hair of its natural oils and moisture, which can then lead to stripping your beautiful color-treated hair (which you just spent hours and dollars at the hair salon to achieve). Use a sulfate-free shampoo like Privé Moisture Rich Shampoo and then a Privé conditioner to keep your hair color from fading. Privé has great options for all hair types, so whether you have frizzy, curly, straight, or thin hair, there's a sulfate-free shampoo & conditioner option for you.

Tip 3

Turn down the water temperature

Hot showers may feel amazing, but it's not so great for your hair color. When washing hair with hot water, your hair’s cuticle is opened, allowing your color to wash out while shampooing. Try shampooing with slightly warm water and then rinse with cold water after conditioning.

Tip 4

Wash your hair less often

You want to avoid washing every day if you're wanting your hair color to last longer. You wash away a little bit of your hair dye every time you wash your hair.

Tip 5

On off days, use a dry shampoo

On the days you're not washing your hair, try using color-safe dry shampoo like Privé Dry Shampoo. Formulated with natural ingredients of rice and tapioca powder, Privé Dry Shampoo absorbs oil and dirt leaving your hair feeling clean and refreshed while adding volume to revive your look.This will refresh your hair and make it look like you just got a blowout without even having to wash your hair!

Tip 6

Use leave-in treatments to protect hair color when styling

Colored and chemically-treated hair needs extra hydration and protection from the sun to prevent damage and loss of nutrients to the hair. Leave-in treatments like Lakme K2.0 Recover Hyaluronic Treatment will help keep your hair smooth, hydrated, and protected.

Tip 7

Use a heat protectant

Heat will strip away color and hydration and lead to damaged hair. Before blow drying, straightening, using curling irons or any kind of hot tool, remember to apply a heat protecting hair serum like Privé Prep & Protect spray or Privé Shine Mist. Both products protect your hair from getting damaged due to heat, while also hydrating and adding shine.

Tip 8

Avoid chlorine and salt water

Chlorine is a bleaching agent that will definitely strip color from your hair. Blonde hair is susceptible to turning a greenish tint, while darker shades may become dull, dried out, and lose their shine. If you are going to be swimming in the ocean, or in a pool, adding conditioner to your hair and putting it in a cap will save your color from being drawn out by salts and chlorine. This will create a barrier on the hair shaft so that the chlorine won’t penetrate. Exposure to saltwater can make your hair color and toner fade much faster, strip your hair's natural oils, and even make your hair appear dull.

Tip 9

Mask regularly or treat with K2.0

When it comes to the longevity of your color, experts say to make a hair mask a regular occurrence. Healthy hair is more likely to hold color better. K2.0 treatments can improve the health of your hair.

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