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Electrolysis and Waxing

Electrolysis Hair Removal

Electrolysis is the only FDA-approved method of permanent hair removal. It is suitable for all skin colors and hair types and any area of concern (other than inside the nose and the ear canal). Essentially, electrolysis can be performed on everyone.

At Salon Dushonselectrolysis is performed by an Advanced Esthetician and licensed Electrologist.

Electrolysis Types

Galvanic Electrolysis – The oldest form of electrolysis. A chemical reaction is produced inside the hair follicle, destroying the cells needed to grow and produce new hair. Galvanic electrolysis yields the best results but takes the longest to perform.

Thermolysis – The quickest form of electrolysis. An alternating current produces heat, destroying the hair-producing cells.

Blend – Combination of Galvanic and Thermolysis to utilize the speed of Thermolysis with the accuracy and results of Galvanic.

Depending on health history, results requested, and hair type, any of these modalities may be utilized.

Blend - Combination of Galvanic and Thermolysis to utilize the speed of Thermolysis with the accuracy and results of Galvanic.

Dependent on health history, results requested, and type of hair, any of these modalities may be utilized.

Electrolysis Pricing

The posted times are the minimum hands-on time for your appointment:


20 minutes  $45

50 minutes  $75

80 minutes  $110

110 minutes  $145


All appointments are in 30 minute to 1-hour intervals. The extra time is for cleanup, questions, and payment. (Other time intervals available on request. There is an additional $30 per 30 minutes of hands-on time).


We’ll leave you as hair-free as you want to be! When it comes to waxing, you want to get it right the first time. We take waxing seriously, but we also have fun doing it. We bring an anxiety easing sense of humor with us to each waxing service, making it as pleasant as possible while maintaining  a professional atmosphere. We’ve perfected our waxing product and technique to provide the best waxing service.

At Salon Dushons, we maintain the highest standards of sanitation to provide you with a clean, comfortable, and safe waxing experience.


Slick, Stick & Wicked Waxing Services  

Lycon Precision Waxing


Brows  $20

Lips  $12

Cheek & Chin  $30

Nose  $10

Chin or Neck  $15

Bikini  $40

Full Face  $40

Underarm  $25

Full Arm  $40, Half Arm  $25

Full leg  $60, Half leg  $40

Back  $50

Side of Face  $25

  • When Should I Not Get a Wax?
    To make sure your skin stays healthy, you should avoid waxing if you have recently been exposed to the sun (naturally or in the tanning salon), will be exposed to the sun in the near future (24-36 hours), or if you are using any medication internally or topically that increases the skin’s sensitivity. Avoid waxing if you are using: Accutane, Retin-A, Alpha-Hydroxy-Acid, Resorcinol, Glycolic Acid, or other kinds of chemical bases peels.
  • Will Waxing Make My Hair Grow Back Thicker?
    Nope, this is just a myth. In fact, if you become a regular waxer, you will notice that your hair will become finer over time.
  • How Often Should I Get Waxed?
    The general rule is every four weeks, or when hair is between ¼ – ½ inch long. Fewer than four weeks may mean hair is not long enough to wax.
  • Is There Anything I Should Do Between Waxes?
    Between waxes you should moisturize and exfoliate-especially if you are prone to ingrown hairs.
Eyebrow Wax
Electrolysis hair removing
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